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Viewmont Animal Hospital

Orange Cat Laying in Wooden Cat House

Pet Boarding

Reception area at Viewmont Animal Hospital

Your Pet, Our Priority

We want your pet to feel comfortable while in our hospital. While in our hospital we have a few tips /requests that will aid your pet and our staff. Socializing your pet and helping it experience new people and places is a great way to help your pet remain relaxed, comfortable, and eager to try new things throughout its life.

We request you do not bring your own bedding because when your pet is in unfamiliar surroundings he/she may chew things he/she would not ordinarily chew at home. We provide bedding for your pet during their stay.


You may bring your pet’s own food from home. We kindly ask that your pre-portion your meals and put them in plastic sealed baggies. Please write your pet’s name on each baggie. If your pet "free feeds" bring one baggie for each day with just enough food for one day. If your pet is on a special diet, you will need to provide that diet.

Unless your pet is on a special diet, you do not have to provide that food. We feed Purina EN to our canine friends, which is an intestinal diet for sensitive stomachs. We feed Friskey’s for our feline friends.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to NC law, we may only board patients with an established doctor/client relationship.

The safety of our canine guests is our first priority; therefore, we require that all pets staying with us be current on the following vaccinations:

Rabies vaccine

Distemper combo vaccine (may be listed as DHPP or DHLPP for canines and FVRCP for feline on your pet’s medical record).

Bordetella for canines

Fecal (stool check) for canines


If your pet takes oral medications, regular oral supplements, or receives topical skin treatments, we will be glad to administer these medications for a small fee. You will need to bring the medication with you.


For the benefit of all pet guests, we want to make sure that our facility remains “pest-free”; therefore, if our staff determines that your pet has signs of ticks or fleas, we will treat your pet at your expense. We ask that you have your pet on a veterinarian-approved flea and tick preventative prior to and during your dog's stay with us.